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10 Foods to Eat and Avoid for Your Whiter Teeth
10 Foods to Eat and Avoid for Your Whiter Teeth

10 Foods to Eat and Avoid for Your Whiter Teeth

Are you a coffee lover and enjoy sipping several cups regularly? If yes, then coffee like other popular drinks may be the reason for causing stain to your teeth. The diet can affect your teeth color dramatically and so, certain foods may even help in whitening your teeth. Great thanks to their natural properties as consuming some of these foods may brighter your smile and give whiter teeth. Do you know what a white diet is? This diet includes foods and foods which will not stain your teeth enamel. But it excludes dark-colored and acidic foods and drinks that can make your teeth yellow.

Want to change your diet and include food items which can improve oral health? You may visit a dentist and get the list of foods to eat for your whiter teeth. Otherwise, you can perform teeth whitening in London to restore the color of your teeth. This blog post discusses about 10 foods that can whiten teeth and give you confident smile.

  1. Apples– You must have heard the proverb, ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away.’ Do you know eating this fruit can help to whiten your teeth? As these have high amount of malic acid in them, this ingredient is also there in different kinds of toothpaste. When you take a bite and chew it, you actually scrub your teeth due to its abrasive property. Also, chewing an apple increases the level of saliva which can help to clean your teeth.
  2. Pineapple – Pineapple has lots of vitamins such as Vitamin Cwhich can protect teeth against gingivitis and strengthen your gums. This is the only food where enzyme bromelain occurs naturally. Since bromelain includes anti-inflammatory and cleaning properties, eating this fruit can be of great help to get rid of plaque and whiten teeth.
  3. Broccoli – This fruit include lots of fiber in them that may help t lessen inflammation in your mouth. It has good amount of iron which forms protective barrier for guarding the teeth against acidic drinks and foods. This may be the reason to erode your teeth enamel. Quite similar to apples, broccoli is quite abrasive and taking one bite may scrub your teeth.
  4. Strawberries – This red fruit is very rich in Vitamin C with other natural whitening properties. According to studies, if you can drink the juice of strawberry, it can have a positive effect on your coffee-stained teeth. If you are suffering from yellow stained teeth by drinking coffee and several colored drinks, try adding a few more strawberries in your diet.
  5. Cheese – Cheese tastes good on everything and it is also good for your teeth. It is jaw-packed with phosphate and calcium which helps to keep your teeth and bones healthy and strong. Also, it consists if whey and casein which are special proteins that can help in rebuilding the enamel of your tooth.
  6. Basil – This small plant is a natural antibiotic which helps in considerable reduction in plaque. The leaves have the properties of natural whitening that may help to lessen bacteria inside your mouth. This can prevent the teeth from becoming yellow due to certain colored foods and drinks.
  7. Carrots – Do you love to munch on crunchy foods such as carrots? If yes, then they may act as natural toothbrush for getting rid of bacteria and plaque. Carrots are generally packed with Vitamin A and keratin that can help to form strong teeth enamel and keep gums healthy.
  8. Celery – Celery is rich in Vitamin C and A that are extremely beneficial to strengthen the tooth enamel. Chewing on celery may massage gums and stimulate saliva production. This can help in cleaning small food particles from your teeth and lessen sugar and acid inside the mouth. Celery might not be favorite snack for everyone but there are several ways to add flavor while reaping the benefits. 
  9. Onion– Onion is another powerful vegetable which has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. This can kill off certain bacteris present in your mouth which may lead to tooth decay. These benefits reach much beyond your improved oral health. Also, onions are helpful to prevent certain ailments in your body. 
  10. Kiwi– Kiwis are extremely nutritious and full of fiber. This ingredient may help to keep your teeth and gums clean and jam-packed with calcium for strengthening tooth enamel and prevent cavities. They may even contain the highest amount of vitamin than other fruits. Vitamin C is a vital component to improve your oral health. As per studies, taking dental care tablet with kiwifruit powder may be effective in lessening bacteria in your mouth. Similarly, eating kiwi gives you the same benefits and at the same time, it is delicious.

5 Foods and drinks that stain your teeth

Though certain foods can improve your dental health, there are some which cause stains. Few of them include acidic and dark-colored that change teeth color and make them yellow.

  • Tea and coffee – Both these drinks may cause stain to the teeth and wear away the enamel. You may reduce the effects by avoiding dark colored tea and lightening up coffee with milk.
  • Tomato sauce – Tomato sauces are dark colored which can cause stain on the teeth. So, before you decide to put them in your pasta, eat some veggies that can help to protect the teeth from unwanted stains.
  • Wine – Red wine is acidic and dark which may cause stain to your teeth. Though white wine is light colored, it has more acid which can stain the enamel.
  • Curry – Eating curry can make your teeth appear yellow and stained. Since it is bright in color, you should brush teeth once you are done eating your curry.
  • Juice – Some dark colored juices such as grape, blueberry and cranberry mayu cause stain to your teeth. This is because they are dark in colour and have acid in them which makes your teeth color yellow.

Thus, you need to visit a dentist who can help with teeth whitening in London and get rid of unwanted stains. The treatment can help to restore your brighter teeth and give you the perfect appearance.

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