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Welcome to our Teeth Whitening Clinic in London

Offering you the Perfect Smile! Prices start from £299*

As a well-known and well respected teeth whitening dental clinic in the heart of London we offer treatment for tooth whitening that will restore your smile and your confidence using the most up to date, safe and effective whitening treatments such as:

Tired of the grey and dingy colour of your teeth? Let us restore that pearly white smile. Perhaps you have used other tooth whitening procedures in the past and been unhappy with them. Here at Teeth Whitening London we can offer a solution whether you prefer to carry out your treatment at home or would rather come to our cutting edge dental clinic for your treatment. We offer you treatments that are highly effective and flexible so that you can achieve your goal without compromising other activities in your life.

Teeth Whitening London - Special Offer

At Teeth Whitening London, we are Presently happy to offer an exclusive discount across the range of our tooth whitening treatments. Details of some of our current offers are:

  • £200 Discount on Enlighten Teeth Whitening - Now at only £495
  • £100 Off Laser and Home Teeth Whitening - Now at only £299
  • £100 Off a ZOOM Whitening Combo - Now at only £550
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Tooth whitening - The Facts

Tooth whitening is improving the appearance of your smile cosmetically. tooth whitening is a very effective way in which to improve your smile’s appearance and will lighten the colour of your teeth also removing stains and camouflaging discoloration. Tooth whitening is usually achieved by bleaching the teeth there by lightening the colour and achieving an eventual colour that is several shades lighter. In order to achieve the exact colour you want for your teeth you may have to undergo tooth whitening several times.

Why do teeth become yellow or stained?

Staining most commonly results from drinking, eating and smoking.

Teeth Whitening London – Treatments

At our London clinic we offer the full range of tooth whitening treatment. this list comprises of:

Frequently Asked Questions about Teeth Whitening

While tooth whitening is usually suitable for most people, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding are not advised to have this treatment. We also do not treat children. To ensure there are no underlying issue's your dentist will examine your teeth and mouth on your first appointment and make sure that there are no issues that might affect the tooth whitening, he or she will also advise you on the best treatment in your case.

There are lots of reasons why somebody would choose to have their teeth whitened and a lot of those will be to do with having more confidence in their smile. It may be a case of someone having quit smoking and wanting to get rid of the tobacco stains on their teeth. It may be that you have a wedding or other special event coming up and want your teeth to look their best for that. There may be as many reasons to have teeth whitened as there are patients who want this procedure!

No it will not

Tooth whitening that is carried out by a trained dental professional will be completely safe. Your dentist will have checked beforehand that it is safe to carry out this treatment for you and will talk to you through the best option in your case. Even home whitening treatment,provided the instructions are followed to the letter, should be perfectly safe. Dental therapists and dental hygienists can also carry out tooth whitening when that tooth whitening has been prescribed by a qualified dentist.

Studies have been done of tooth whitening products that contain 10% peroxide showed that there was no detrimental effect on the mineral content or the hardness of the enamel surface of the teeth.

While it is true that some patients will report a little sensitivity, this is normal and will settle down once the treatment is over.Desensitising agents are now usually included in the whitening gel and patients can also relieve sensitivity themselves by using specialist toothpaste before treatment during it and afterwards. If a patient already has sensitive teeth, they should consult the dentist about the best way to deal with this. There may also be a slight tenderness in the tissue of the gums however this should not last long at all.

If you go to a dentist for tooth whitening you can be sure that he or she will have access to the very latest in tooth whitening techniques and products. There is also the invaluable advicethat will be given to you at the time of your first appointment an assessment. if you buy a tooth whitening kit over the counter without having your teeth examined first, there is a real danger that you could damage your teeth. It may be tempting to buy an over the counter home kit and do it yourself, and this certainly is a cheaper option, but it's not the safest option for your teeth and we would advise that if you are determined to go down this route you at least see the dentist first for a check-up and for their advice on the best over the counter kit to buy.

How long the results of tooth whitening treatment lasts is going to depend on what youreating and drinking habits are. The usual suspects of smoking, coffee, black tea and red wine will lessen the amount of time that you will enjoy your pearly white smile. Your hygienist can help you manage the regular maintenance of your teeth that should ensure that your teeth are is white as they can be for as long as possible.

Whichever method of tooth whitening you choose you are likely to suffer a little sensitivity and there is also the chance that your gums may also suffer sensitivity brought on by some of the chemicals that are used in whitening gels, and this is a particular consideration for people who know that they already had sensitive teeth. Other than that with a dentist supervised whitening there should be very few problems or complications.

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