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in-office teeth whitening

In-office teeth whitening

If you always feel self-conscious about your smile, whitening your teeth can help boost your self-confidence. Teeth whitening helps improve the colour of your teeth by a few shades, making your smile look beautiful and brighter.

There are several teeth whitening procedures and persons who offer to whiten the teeth, but getting the right person, is key to having a successful, safe and effective teeth whitening treatment. You can achieve this by undergoing an in dental practice teeth whitening.

A popular teeth whitening treatment is the professional teeth whitening which whitens the teeth within an hour. With a qualified dentist, you are sure to get your teeth whitened to your desired shade with the teeth whitening option.

Benefits of in-practice teeth whitening

For an in-practice teeth whitening that involves the in-office teeth whitening, you would first have a consultation with your dentist. The consultation may last for about an hour; afterwards, you would have an in-chair whitening procedure with the dentist for about an hour.

After the whitening, your dentist will give you top-up whitening trays for use at home. The top-up whitening kit helps you maintain the result of your in-practice whitening.

How in-practice whitening works

An in-practice teeth whitening involves three necessary steps, and they are as follows.

Step 1- book for a check-up

The dental check-up is a necessary step because your dentist needs to check how healthy your gums and teeth are, and if they are suitable for teeth whitening. During your check-up, you would discuss with your dentist the shade of teeth you desire.

If you are suitable for treatment, your dentist will take your teeth impressions to create your custom-trays which you will wear at home.

Step 2- teeth whitening on the spot

When your custom-made trays are available, you will have a teeth whitening session with your dentist. Before your dentist applies the teeth whitening solution to your teeth, he/she will protect your gum.

After applying the solution, your dentist will use a special blue light to activate the teeth whitening solution. You will undergo four whitening sessions; each one will last for about 15 minutes. Generally, the process takes about two hours.

Step 3- protecting your new smile

After your whitening sessions, your dentist will get you your top-up kit, then instruct you on how to use it. You may also discuss ways to keep your smile bright for a longer time which may include regular appointments with a dental hygienist to polish and scale your teeth.

You may also need to avoid smoking and other stain-causing foods and drinks if you want your teeth to remain white.

Difference between at-home teeth whitening and in-practice teeth whitening

In-practice teeth whitening involves:

  • An initial check-up with your dentist
  • Custom-made trays provided by the dentist, which you will use at home
  • Your dentist uses a bleaching solution
  • A single teeth whitening session which may last for about two hours
  • Whitening your teeth to about six shades brighter
  • Extra top-up trays and gel provided by your dentist to help you maintain the result of your in-practice teeth whitening

For an at-home teeth whitening,

  • You will have a check-up with your dentist
  • Your dentist will make custom trays that fit your teeth. you will use the trays at home
  • You will use the whitening tray and gel at home for about eight hours daily; most people prefer to wear theirs at home
  • It takes several days and sometimes a few weeks to get your desired result
  • You may get your teeth whitened by up to six shades
  • You will get top-ups to maintain your new smile

If you are yet to decide which whitening option is best for you, you can discuss it with your dentist. Alternatively, contact Teeth Whitening London on 020 70434315 to book an appointment with an experienced cosmetic dentist for your teeth whitening.