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Laser teeth whitening

Laser teeth whitening

Everyone wants a perfect set of white teeth and a bright smile, and the combination is an ideal confidence booster. Your smile also contributes to creating an excellent first impression. Although the best way to keep your smile bright is to care for your gum and teeth properly, you could still get help to brighten your smile.

Teeth whitening is one of the effective dental procedures for improving the colour of teeth that have become dark due to ageing or other external factors like tobacco stains, food or drink stains. Teeth whitening products and procedures make the teeth brighter by changing the shade of the tooth enamel instead of focusing on the removal of surface stains. The dental procedure is cost-effective, and one of the least-invasive smile-improving procedures.

However, they have a few risks, just like every other dental procedure. Hence, most times, getting your teeth whitening at a dental clinic or under the supervision of a dental professional is usually the best.

There are several methods of whitening teeth, such as in-office, at-home, and over-the-counter teeth whitening products. To get a fast result, you may want to consider laser whitening.

Laser whitening

Laser teeth whitening is an in-office dental whitening procedure, very effective in lightening the teeth by several shades. The in-office teeth whitening procedure uses safe products and has little or no side effects. However, the treatment may not be suitable for everyone.

Laser whitening procedure

A dentist carries out the procedure for this in-office whitening procedure. It is the most expensive dental whitening procedure, and it gives a great result. During the procedure, the dentist will apply bleach to each tooth, and use the heat from a laser beam to fasten the process and increase the effectiveness of the bleaching agent.

The bleaching gel contains hydrogen peroxide at a concentration of about 25 – 40%. The concentration of the gel makes the dentist take extra precautions to minimise tooth sensitivity.

The dentist also tries to protect the gum, lips and your oral tissues with the following to prevent them from being damaged.

  • Specially made rubber or soft dams on the gum
  • Cheek retractors
  • Desensitising toothpaste like Colgate to harden and strengthen the enamel
  • Fluoride or other desensitising product

Alternative whitening methods

You can also use over-the-counter teeth whitening products to lighten the shade of your teeth or professional teeth whitening. Over-the-counter products are available in supermarkets and local drug stores. They contain low concentrations of hydrogen peroxide, a whitening component. They usually contain the bleaching gels in a lower concentration and are available in the following forms.

  • Whitening strips
  • Gels to be used with trays
  • Teeth whitening chewing gums
  • Toothpaste and rinses
  • Teeth whitening paint-on gel

The professional teeth whitening is available for use at home or in a dental office. Professional whitening systems usually contain a higher concentration of the teeth whitening agent.

Important laser whitening facts

The result of each teeth whitening method also varies between person, so the same teeth whitening procedure may not give you the same shade of teeth as another person who carried out the same procedure.

Laser whitening is one of the effective dental whitening treatments, and it takes about an hour in a dentist’s office. Getting laser whitening is more expensive than other types of teeth whitening.

Generally, the cost of whitening your teeth with any of the various methods depends on the whitening system and the result you intend to achieve. Most people need to combine two or more of the available treatment to get the result you want. For example, some people undergo an in-office teeth whitening and also use an at-home teeth whitening kit.

Some people are not suitable for laser whitening, so a dental exam is essential to assess the health of your teeth and gums.

Whitening the teeth is a cosmetic procedure and may not be included in your dental insurance plan, so you will likely pay in full for your treatment.

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