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How Laser Teeth Whitening is a Safe Option?
How Laser Teeth Whitening is a Safe Option?

How Laser Teeth Whitening is a Safe Option?

Having stained or yellow teeth can be the reason why you do not show your smile and avoid attending social gatherings. There are several at-home treatments that can improve the shade but the results may differ greatly. This has led many patients to opt for professional teeth whitening procedures. Among them, laser whitening in London can help to take informed decision and get treated accordingly. Go through this blog post to know how laser whitening in London is a safer treatment for your teeth. 

Common Teeth Whitening Options

Different types of teeth whitening options are there with many of them available over-the-counter for personal use. There are both advantages and disadvantages to every form of whitening and the results may vary to a great extent. Talk to your dentist and know about tooth whitening options to take the right decision for you.

At-home whitening

When you are not happy with the color of your teeth, the first option is to choose over-the-counter whitening products at home. You will find whitening strips, gels and trays from many manufacturers though most of them use similar ingredients for attaining the desired results. Hydrogen peroxide is a common agent that can be used for bleaching purpose. But overuse may be the reason for tooth sensitivity and gum irritation. As they are not used under the supervision of your dentist, these whitening methods ensure to deliver risky results. Another way to lessen surface stains is by using whitening toothpaste. The effect is somewhat minor and other whitening treatments may be more effective. So, tooth bleaching should be done by experienced dentists only.

Professional teeth whitening

Different options for teeth whitening can be performed under the care of a dentist. They are very effective for removing stains and discolorations from your teeth. Patients who want to achieve healthier smile should consult with the dentist about professional teeth whitening. Your Teeth Whitening London dentist may whiten teeth in a safe way with customized whitening trays to use at home or for in-house treatments.

Like over-the-counter whitening trays, the ones which are provided by your dentist should be customized for your teeth. They hold whitening agent closely against your tooth surface. The bleaching agent is professional-grade and can be formulated to provide maximum effectiveness with minimal side effects. Your dental team will evaluate treatment results and make necessary adjustments, from time to time.

There is an option for tooth-whitening trays which is in-office whitening. It uses peroxide gel and special light like Zoom Whitening method. During this method, hydrogen peroxide gel will be applied to your teeth. The solution reacts to light activation with the use of oxygen molecules and may whiten teeth significantly with a few treatments only. During a consultation session for zoom whitening, the dentist shows you about the expected results from the treatment.

Laser Teeth Whitening Treatment in London

Another option to at-home whitening treatment or tooth whitening procedures performed by the dentist is laser teeth whitening in London. This method uses the most recent technology of lasers for performing whitening procedure. Though some dental practices prefer to use traditional methods, some modern practices choose lasers for dental fillings and surgical procedures. Laser dentistry has become very popular in the recent years and this technology is available for everyone.

Laser whitening is not very popular in comparison to teeth-whitening trays or other traditional methods. Since this technology is new, patients have several questions and want to know more before proceeding ahead. So, is laser teeth whitening safe? How effective is the treatment? Who can opt for it? It is important to get answers for these questions and help patients to attain whiter teeth and confident look.

Is laser teeth whitening a safe method?

People who want whiter tooth enamel may have several questions about laser teeth whitening. One common question is the safety of laser whitening. When it is performed by a dental expert, the laser tooth whitening is a safe method to whiten teeth. The tooth surface will not be damaged by laser, as it percolates through small pores in the enamel to the dentine. It actually works by oxidizing the stains and colour in the teeth. This can lead to chemical reaction between the substances causing discoloration. For evenly whiter teeth, the dentist checks your tooth for colour differences that could make the results uneven and puts more bleaching agents as necessary.

How effective is laser whitening?

Another question is whether laser is very effective like other whitening methods. Laser whitening works in the same way to traditional procedures that use bleaching gel and light. The gel is then applied and light activates it for breaking down surface stains. The laser targets bleaching gel and speeds up chemical reaction. Due to precise control of laser technology, it is possible to accomplish it quickly and lessen gums chance of irritation leading to excessive tooth sensitivity.

Who is the suitable candidate for laser teeth whitening?

The option for laser whitening procedure is possible for most people who want to achieve whiter smile. Most people who suffer from stains due to dark-colored food and beverages like coffee or red wine, or smoking may find great improvement after the bleaching process. Those who suffer from extensive dental health problems might not be right candidate for tooth whitening till the problems get solved. Both cleaning and repairing teeth are important pre-whitening steps as bleach agents may not interact effectively with enamel that has excessive decay or tartar. 

For those with very dark tooth colours a combination of home and in chair whitening is the best option and will take a protracted length of time.

Thus, you will have to visit a reputed clinic in London and perform laser teeth whitening under safe hands only. Make sure you do not forget to ask about laser teeth whitening cost in London and perform the treatment within your affordability.

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