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All about Laser Teeth Whitening Treatment
All about Laser Teeth Whitening Treatment

All about Laser Teeth Whitening Treatment

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental method that can be done from your home. Various procedures are there for teeth whitening which may be whitening strips, pens and gels. This blogpost discusses about professional laser teeth whitening in London.

About Laser Teeth Whitening

Laser teeth whitening is usually done at the dentist’s office, like other DIY teeth whitening treatments. The first step involves applying a peroxide-based gel to your teeth. Then the heat is being applied over it by means of a laser which activates gel and enables it to begin on breaking teeth stains. The entire procedure usually requires nearly one hour after which teeth stains are broken down and your teeth will appear brighter and appear. Your dentist can tell whether you are the right candidate to perform a laser teeth whitening treatment.

How safe is laser teeth whitening?

Laser teeth whitening is a safe and effective method. Proper care is taken at the time of applying this whitening gel in order to ensure it does not get into the gums or other soft tissues within the mouth. This is because it may lead to some irritation. Besides, there is the probability for laser whitening to cause some kind of sensitivity to your tooth. But these things will generally resolve in due course and they are short-lived. If you do not want to take the risk, you may choose buying teeth whitening toothpaste for your sensitive teeth than opting for laser teeth whitening in London.

What are the advantages of choosing laser teeth whitening?

  • Experienced dentists: One of the major benefits of laser teeth whitening is it is performed by a dental professional only. Since other kinds of whitening treatments are usually done at home, the professionals who provide laser whitening can give patients better confidence in getting the results they really want.
  • Authentic results: The results of laser teeth whitening are reliable when done by the professionals. You know that the results will be consistent than the best teeth whitening products.
  • Eliminate stains – The treatment can help to get rid of some stains that other methods cannot touch. But you should know all stains cannot be whitened. Your dentist will provide alternate options for them.
  • Good dental hygiene habits – When you maintain good oral hygiene habits, your teeth will remain whiter for at least two years after performing the treatment.

What can you expect during laser teeth whitening method?

The treatment usually requires nearly one hour from the start to the end. It starts by applying a gel to the teeth and then whitening laser activates the gel for allowing it to begin with whitening your teeth.

How effective can laser teeth whitening be?

Laser teeth whitening is an effective method that can produce great results. Since the procedure is done at the dentist office, the supervision of professionals allows whitening treatment to reach its maximum potential.

Before and after results of laser teeth whitening

Most people who already performed a laser teeth whitening treatment should be satisfied with the treatment results. If you want to know how to expect from the treatment, consider before and after results for your convenience.

What is the cost of laser teeth whitening?

The cost of laser teeth whitening treatment in London will differ from one practice to the other. The average range is somewhere between £495 and £695, depending on the person undergoing it,

What is aftercare laser tooth whitening?

Once laser teeth whitening is done, there are still certain steps to take for attaining the results of the treatment. During the first 48 hours after completion of the treatment, you should not take foods and drinks that can cause stain to your whiter teeth. These include – coffee, red wine, teas and berries. Besides, you need to avoid acidic foods when your teeth become whitened.

What can you eat after performing laser teeth whitening?

After performing laser teeth whitening, you should not consume foods that are acidic or have the probability to cause stain to your teeth. This way, you can protect the color of your teeth once the treatment is done.

Can laser teeth whitening cause damage to the tooth enamel?

Laser teeth whitening should not cause damage to your enamel when it is done in the correct way. Overall, this method is safe and should not be an issue, especially when it is done by the professionals.

How many times can you perform laser teeth whitening treatment?

Laser teeth whitening can be performed in the dentist's office once every year to every 18 months, depending on how long the results will last. You will find at-home kits to use often in every four to six months.

Is laser teeth whitening a permanent option?

Laser teeth whitening is a permanent option as the whitening cannot be reversed. But new stains can still appear even though you performed laser teeth whitening. This does not mean your teeth will maintain the shade forever. To maintain new white color of your teeth, you should pay heed to what you are eating and drinking and maintain basic oral hygiene.

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